About a month ago i was up early, as per usual, and had chucked the boys in the back of the van just as the sun was starting to rise. Our destination was only a few miles up the road at a point on my local tidal river where i can access the bank and take a nice long walk along the waters edge and watch the wildfowl at this time of year. We started our walk along a concrete access road then up onto a pathway on top of the flood bank turning left as i have done many times before. A few hundreds along this path is a small scrubby bush and for some reason when i reach this point i like to turn around and look back along the path as its quite a lovely view across the river from here. Reaching the bush i turned round and what a beautiful sight i was greeted with.


The attached pictures really don’t do much justice as to how beautiful the sky actually was. I stood and watched this spectacle for a fair old while before realising that i could make a small video recording of this stunning sky.

After admiring this gorgeous natural lightshow i continued to walk along the riverbank happy with what i had just witnessed that morning…….


On one of my local walks there is a disused PILLBOX sited on the marshland and fortunately this one has not had the doorway blocked in so earlier this year i decided to have a little walk round the inside of it with my camera. I’ve included a link to the video on my Youtube channel below so head on over there for a watch and don’t forget to ‘LIKE’ and ‘SUBSCRIBE’ to my channel.

Now for those that don’t know what a Pillbox actually is here is a brief explanation of why they were built.

They were built in the ww1-2 as small fortified structures, made of steel re-enforced concrete to withhold small arms fire, and used as defensive observation posts in various locations around the UK that might be vulnerable to an attack. There are many located around Essex in large fields and along the banks of our tidal rivers and creeks as these were considered to be prime areas for enemy attacks from both air and sea. Entrance into these ‘buildings’ was via a small doorway and once inside the roof was barely inches above your head with the only light being from the small ‘slit’ type openings which were used to observe through and also to shoot through is an enemy was seen. Having been inside one now, usually the doorway would have been bricked up, i can’t imagine what it would of been like in there during the winter period as it was a dark cold place to be.


So way back during the Easter weekend i took myself and the dogs of for a little weekend break to North Essex. I had no real plans as to where to go nor had i booked anywhere to stay for the nights as i,d planned to just keep n the back of my van, after all that was part of the reason that i originally bought the thing a few years ago. So with my fishing baedchair set up in the back and a back full of coffee making gear i loaded the pooches not the back and set off up country.

I won’t go into too much detail about the trip in this BLOG as i plan to do that in further entries to come. But i will say a good time was had, finding and exploring new places, by both myself and the doogles. Some of the places i visited on those few days included, ARLESFORD, BRIGHTLINGSEA, WIVENHOE, FRINTON-ON-SEA and MANNINGTREE, as well as a few smaller places along the way. The weather was definitely in our favour as it was bright, sunny and scorchio the whole time we were tripping around.

Driving along a small lane, on the way top a secret little river area i had found on the map, i drove past a derelict looking church hidden behind some trees so thought i,d turn the old ‘Rumble Wagon’ around and go and have a little explore. I,m glad i did as it was definitely worth it, and i,m also glad i took my camera with me to record it. I’ve posted the little video on my YOUTUBE CHANNEL BRYANS COUNTRYSIDE CAPERS


The church itself had been best part destroyed years ago so only the stone shell remained but it has been left open so the public can walk through and around the grounds to visit their deceased loved ones. I walked around the cemetery for a little while reading some of the headstones with many of them being well over a hundred years old, i read out some of the dates as i walk through the graves in the vlog, and the carvings on some of them are quite beautiful. It was a glorious sunny day and all that could be heard were the crows cawing in the distance and songbirds singing away in the trees and bushes that surround the church grounds. There was a very calming, peaceful feel to the place and although i,m not religious, or even interested in places of worship, i reckon i will return to walk the grounds again, but next time ill take my better camera and take some pictures to show ST PETERS beauty better.

Anyway please have a watch of the vlog on my YOUTUBE channel ‘BRYANS COUNTRYSIDE CAPERS’ and please leave a comment if you enjoyed it. You can also keep tracks of what i,m upto on my INSTAGRAM page ‘BRYANSCOUNTRYSIDECAPERS‘ and i,d love for you too follow me and i,ll do the same to you.

Over and out from me……………….

Hi, Its me….

Sooo, where do i begin???

I,ve been thinking about starting this blog for quiet a few years now but up until recently haven,t really been too sure as to whether anyone would actually be interested in reading, and hopefully watching, what i have to say and show. I know theres a good few blogs/sites on the internet being written by some real experts in wildlife and all things countryside related which show us so much about the wonder of our tiny isle, but i feel that i can add to the interest/information that these chaps and chappeses are already showing us. But then again i could be talking a load of cobblers, i guess we will find out over the coming months, i will try my best to post articles of interest.

Well  a little about myself is in order i suppose. My names Bryan, i,m in my mid forties and currently live just outside sunny ‘Sarfend’ on sea in good old Essex. I love my fishing, wildlife photography and taking my two dogs, Paddy the Sprocker Spaniel and Choccie the Cocker Spaniel, for nice long quite peaceful walks around my local area. I,m never happier than when sitting in the middle of nowhere listening to the sounds of nature.




I,ve been interested in nature and the countryside since i was a kid and was never happier back then than when i was raging through the local fields, climbing trees and getting chased by cows.

Not a lot has changed in all those years really, i still get chased by cows now and again, and i still love to be outdoors away from the noise and ‘busyness’ that modern life seems to have evolved into. Living where i do might seem like i,m miles away from what i enjoy, the Great Outdoors as they say,  but let me tell you that if you know where to look theres a lot of wildlife right round the corner and thats one of the things that has spurred me on to start this blog type thingy. When most people think of our great countryside, its beauty and the plants and creatures that live there, they generally think of the well known popularised places regularly seen on television and written about in countless books and magazines. The rugged Cornish coastline, the hills and mountains of the Lake District, The moorlands of Scotland, i could go on but you get the picture. No one thinks of the wildfowl packed estuaries of Southern Essex, or the peaceful fields of Mid Essex, theres just so much to see here and thats what i,d like to share with you all. I love finding new tucked away wildlife havens hidden between the busy towns and roads of Essex, and i,ll be visiting them when and wherever i can and posting them up here.

I hope you will enjoy reading about, watching the videos, and looking at the pictures i take along the way, i know i will enjoy it all anyway…….